Zak To The Sky: Winter

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22 August 2017

Credit: Video & Photography by Zak Wheatley.

New Zealand - Perfectly captured...

Frequent followers will now be all too aware of New Zealand's natural beauty but despite penning miniature novels once a week and producing the occasional 'from the hip' GoPro Vlog, i've never been that good at high-caliber videography. Some use drones, others SLRs but it seems my tool of choice is the computer keyboard. I mean... that's great and all, but sometimes there's truly no replacement to a visually stimulating and inspiring video.

Prior to starting my training I recall spending many an hour on YouTube for that very reason and videos from the likes of Robert Bean and more recently Tom Dalton helped keep the dream alive. Both of the above examples featured Arizona as the training location but isn't it about time one existed for New Zealand? I mean... it is the flagship training centre, right? -- Well, you're in luck! 

A fellow trainee, friend and coursemate (well... not actually on our course but may as well be) has slowly put together what he calls a "little project" since arriving in the country and, hats off to him... it's a great watch. Zak has kindly allowed me to share the video here and in only seeing it today was quite surprised to find I made the cut. See if you can spot me! 

If you liked it, leave a comment below and I'll be sure to pass them onto him!

Zak on social media...

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