An assortment of videos from my time in training.
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Blogs & Vlogs about all things to do with training out in New Zealand and Visas, Transport, Phone Networks etc.
Content from my time working towards my Instrument Rating at the Bournemouth training centre.
Learn more about the Upset Prevention & Recovery flights we complete in the Slingsby Firefly and Diamond fleet.
Read blogs about the post CPL/ME/IR training a prospective airline pilot must complete.
Finding that first job is perhaps the hardest part of the entire process. In this category you can read updates as I look for my first employer.
Have a tour around my accommodation at the various stages of training.
Being a cadet isn't all about studying. We have fun too - honest!! Take a look at what we get up to when we don't have our heads in books.
All of the posts that don't fit anywhere else :-)