Vlog #9 - Huka Falls, Lake Taupo & Geothermals

Vlog #9 - Huka Falls, Lake Taupo & Geothermals 2017-04-15 09:09:00 2017-04-15 09:09:00 2018-06-17 15:46:43
Pilot George
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15 April 2017

Video Music By: Josh Woodward

'Worlds' Coolest McDonald's'...

IMG 5223

With it being the second day of our four day weekend we decided to continue travelling this lovely country. With the weather subsiding the majority of the group decided to make our way down to Taupo to take a look at the Huka Falls and enormous Lake. Our car group also decided to call by the Geothermals on the way home which, as you might expect, were incredibly smelly (like rotten egg). Taupo is also home to the 'World's' Coolest McDonald's' as voted by customers globally. Being a trainee pilot I couldn't not take a photo of the classic DC3 aircraft in a McDonald's livery. Having already eaten though, we didn't get the opportunity to eat inside it although we did take a peek still!

Enjoy the vlog!! 


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