Vlog #4 - Skyline Luge, Rotorua

Vlog #4 - Skyline Luge, Rotorua 2017-03-29 13:16:00 2017-03-29 13:16:00 2018-06-17 15:45:17
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29 March 2017

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What a great afternoon...

On Saturday a few of us took a trip to Rotorua to give the well-renowned Luge a shot! Having seen cadets go on these in the past, all I can say is that videos don't do them any justice and you have to try them for yourself if you get a chance. Expecting to pay a fortune, we were pleasantly surprised to find that CTC Aviation cadets are eligible for quite a discount and got 5 goes on the Luge for less than the cost of 3 - Bargain!

Your time at Skyline begins with you needing to ride the Gondola to the top of the mountain where all of the activities can be found. There's everything here, be it mountain bike trails, the HUGE swing, zip wires or the Luge runs you'll be occupied for hours - if you have the money to be. No doubt we'll return later on in our training in order to try out some of the other activities as the zip wires looked incredible.

Once at the top of the mountain I was gutted to find that I'd left a single clip of the GoPro helmet mount in the car. Given that you had to pay every time you rode the main Gondola to the top, it certainly wasn't worth a trip back down. Annoyingly, I therefore don't have any first-person shots of me going down the Luge but I hope the footage I could get gives you an idea of just how fun this place is! 

The Luge has 3 tracks: Scenic, Intermediate and Advanced. The former goes on forever and weaves in and out of the forest on its way down to the bottom. Intermediate is pretty similar but much quicker and Advanced is on a fairly steep slope which provided us the opportunity to get some air which was fun! Once at the bottom you hop on the ski-lift which carries you and your Luge back to the top for another go. 

Towards the end of the day the weather deteriorated and the advanced track was closed for health and safety reasons which was a shame as it was by far the most fun! In not wanting to waste a Luge pass we decided to go down the Scenic route one final time which resulted in us looking like drowned rats as we rode the ski-lift to the top one final time. Most of us had also left our coats in the car. But hey, that's all part of the fun!

Hope you enjoy the Vlog!


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