Vlog #15 - Coromandel Peninsula

Vlog #15 - Coromandel Peninsula 2017-06-27 14:06:00 2017-06-27 14:06:00 2018-06-17 15:46:12
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27 June 2017

With the weather forecast to be fine with light winds and having heard nothing but good things from a group who went the day prior, two coursemates and I took a road trip to the Coromandel Peninsula. Sticking out 85km north into the ocean from the western boundary of the Bay of Plenty, the roads reminded me of my time travelling California's Pacific Coast highway. In hugging the ocean you're taken on a trail around countless windy roads and through small villages before later climbing and entering some rather idyllic countryside. 

In the most part the Coromandel Peninsula is covered in temperate rainforest but is also blessed with stunning beaches, coastlines and mountainous terrains - with a view. Our journey took us North from Hamilton to the tip of the Peninsula before then winding up and over the mountain ranges and down the westernmost side. You always hear people say that New Zealand is scarcely populated, yet it's not until you delve into the heart of its beauty you realise just how empty it is. We drove for km after km before seeing a single house. What's more, it's many more km after that to the nearest village / town. I can't imagine it being an easy life to lead, although granted.. it'd be mighty peaceful.

I hope you enjoy the sights from the video as much as we did.


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