Vlog #14 - Kerosene Creek

Vlog #14 - Kerosene Creek 2017-06-19 09:57:00 2017-06-19 09:57:00 2018-06-17 15:46:17
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19 June 2017

With the cloud base being too low to fly on a navigation flight, I joined a few of my coursemates on a trip to Kerosene Creek.

Located near Rotorua in the North Island, Kerosene Creek is a geothermally heated stream with warming the result of a natural spring under the earth bubbling up into the cooler waters of the creek. The temperatures were similar to those you might sit in during a bath. The fast flowing water has carved pools, waterfalls, and smooth rocks (as featured in the video) to which we could sit and relax. At the same time though, it also highlighted the dangers of both faster currents and the many sharp rocks found underfoot as the so-called 'venturi effect' made it incredibly hard to push against the fast moving currents. 

Being geothermal by nature, Rotorua and its' surrounding areas carry a rather sulphurous smell similar to that of rotten eggs. So... while the stream itself was nice the smell wasn't overly pleasant and each of us needed a shower on arriving back at Clearways.

All in all a great day out had by all.

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