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Just been going through your blog... it's absolutely excellent stuff! I'm currently 18 and have just completed my A levels and I've found it so informative and HONEST which is something I've struggled with when it comes to flying schools recently especially when it comes to costs and how best to do it. Will certainly be keeping an eye on your progress. Keep the blogs coming as they honestly couldn't be more helpful.

Hi George, Hope all is going well with the training in NZ! I wanted to thank you for your wonderful and informative blog it's been a real help and I hope to follow in your footsteps soon.

Hello! I love your blog and website it's really help to give me an idea for and prepare for my easyJet stage 2 assessment on the 23rd August. 

Hey George, All of your tips have been super useful for me and I've since succeeded in securing my place at L3! Thanks for your time!

I would like to say that your site is probably the best reference about training at L3 / CTC available over the Internet. Moreover it looks really good, so congratulations and thank you for setting this up and keeping it updated while training!

Hi George, as a parent your post on the Security Bond answers my queries perfectlyAs my son has an offer with easyJet it is even more specific and your figures are bang onThanks for being so available, accessible and concise in laymans language. All the best.

Hi George, I've been following your blog since the beginning and to put it simply - it's fantastic! I've been reading and following these cadet blogs for years but yours is something else compared to the rest. You give so much detail about the training as well as other topics. For me, as a young person hoping to enter CTC Avaition/L3 CTS, it's brilliant. So thank you and keep up the good work. - P.G. (age 17)

Hello George. I'm 16 years old and I am an aspiring airline pilot. I recently found your blog "Pilot George" and spent the majority of the the past two days reading all of your posts! I love the tips you give and I've written them down. Thank you for everything you've shared!! I wish you good luck with your training. - Ben. :-) 

Hi George, I found your website on YouTube about a month ago when looking at re-applying to L3. Thank you very much for all your help, I'll definitely be keeping up with your posts. All the best with your progress test tomorrow!

I've been keeping up with all of your blog posts and topic posts and now have a structured understanding of the financial support availableThanks for your time and efforts with the posts.