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George, congrats on the EasyJet offer! You sure as heck deserve it. easyJet are very lucky to have you.

Congrats George, well done on all your achievements! Your website certainly is extremely helpful and inspiring! Thanks for all the effort you put into it.

Congratulations George, you deserve it. Thanks for all the support you provide others with through your website!!

Well I’m absolutely over the moon hearing your fantastic news. In fact it’s brought tears to my eyes and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am for you! You deserve to succeed and Easy are so lucky to have you !!! Have a fantastic career & who knows maybe you’ll fly us one day. Happy landings & HUGE CONGRATULATIONS once again.

Been reading through your blog absolutely awesome, so intricate and detailed! Up to week 12 or so and can’t wait to read through the rest of it as I got my start date of 25th September. I do hope we can meet up at some point and I can buy you a pint for all the help this blog is!

I attended the L3 open day this morning - I didn't get a chance to speak to you however just wanted to pass on my thanks for your talk this morning. I found it most informative and its very motivating to know that a set back doesn't mean the end of the road!

I have just found your blog and I have to say it's an amazing read and absolutely well written with specific details and I can really understand (just a bit) a sense of what you have been going through and it has been absolutely fascinating. Many thanks for your time George, once again, absolutely fantastic blog and congratulations on everything you have accomplished - you've certainly earned it and inspired me along the way!

Hello George, just wanted to thank you for you're incredible blog. It definitely played a factor in helping me pass the easyJet selection process! Also, thank you for supporting my easyJet MPL 2017 thread over on PPRuNe! I have recommended your blog to people whom have privately mailed me and will continue to do so. It's incredibly easy to navigate and each blog isn't just a block of text! The use of bullet points and "tip boxes" to place the information I was looking for helped a lot in terms of finding concise information. All the best for your job hunt.

Followed you from the beginning and now you're a qualified commercial pilot! Your blog is utterly incredible. Good luck on the job hunt!

Great blog, I've just come across it and am finding it a haven of useful information.