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Unlimited Sunday Karting

17 October 2016

Track photography copyright © TeamSport

What's a bit of competition between friends? Fun that's what!!

TeamSport ReadingWith Module One now well and truly behind us, a few members of the CP suggested we did something fun before Module Two could be given the chance to rear its ugly head. Go Karting and Thorpe Park were a couple of the options put on the table and I was torn between them, what with it being Thorpe Park's Fright Night season!! In the end both the weather and entry price meant Thorpe Park was a no go and I booked a space to join the Go Karting group at the last minute!

First time for everything...

TeamSport Reading GoKart Track

Having not been to a proper Go Karting venue before I was like a big kid. One of the group, Chris, used to take part in Karting events whilst at university so we left it down to him to sort out the venue and all I can say is, great choice! Whilst TeamSport (the venue) owned a track in Southampton we ventured up to Reading for a 6pm start and the track was massive. At a total length of 900 metres and spanning three floors I couldn't wait to get on the track.

I loved every minute but as I write this I ache in so many places! Who'd have thought that manoeuvring a Go Kart on a track would require so much effort. It's safe to say the designated drivers found returning to the power assisted steering of their own cars very wierd. 

I didn't stand a chance...

IMG 7325

Whilst I may be standing on the number one podium in this photo I was far from finishing in 1st. It was more like 3rd from bottom! The track had a maximum of 16 karts out at one time and our group was mixed with another to make the total number. It certainly made for an adrenaline filled time on the track but for some reason I kept spinning out on the same corner EVERY... SINGLE... TIME!! It was so frustrating as despite starting 3rd on one race I must have had everyone pass me at least once. I often brought it back though and there's nothing more satisfying than catching the others up and squeezing by them on the corners.


Absolutely! If you happen to be starting your training in Southampton go and check out the track!! I'm sure Southampton's is equally as good but for the same price you get way more laps and much more track time in Reading. It cost £35 for an Unlimited track session (Sunday Only) which guaranteed at least 50 minutes of track time. As there were four groups we kept rotating in 10 minute blocks so expect it to knock out most of your evening having arrived at 6pm and not leaving until 11:30pm!!

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A couple of photos

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