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Southampton Bowling

08 February 2017

Letting our hair down for a few hours...

A somewhat quick post this one, but with our module three mocks out of the way and with passes all round, a couple of my housemates/coursemates and I took a trip to the new Hollywood Bowl for a few games. We originally wanted to try out one of those escape room events but in being last minute there were no bookings available. Just as well really as most of the group didn't want to use their brain much and bowling allowed us a chance to simply relax a bit. It was a good laugh..and Hollywood Bowl also accepted CTC ID as discount so we saved a few quid too!

Not forgetting the arcade...

arcadeNo trip to bowling would be complete without a few games in the arcade. I had no spare change so missed out, but safe to say the rest of the group were very competitive and on a certain piano game. The looks of concentration on some of their faces was priceless and made simply watching all the more fun! In the end though, despite all their efforts and in  typical arcade style, the combined ticket wins was only worth a couple of small boxes of skittles!

All in all though it was a great evening and a couple of us then went on to join CP152 in their post module two exam celebrations. One cadet - by special request - asked me to give a shout out to his mum on my blog so, hello to Mr Sharples' mum! 

Sadly, after I click publish on this post the hard work begins. 

I'll be back with another post soon,

All the best,


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