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Patiently swimming...

22 October 2018

Patience is a virtue...

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Hi guys, I hope you're all well. With it now being over a month since my last post I thought I would write up a quick blog to keep you all updated on the job situation. Unfortunately I am yet to be allocated a type-rating start date so am still swimming in the metaphorical type rating pool. I'm itching to get going now though as I miss flying, and have bank payments looming from December - eek! On a more positive note, the majority of my selection group have been allocated start dates throughout November. Type rating courses appear to be allocated based on your original licence issue date among other things, and as many of the group gained their fATPL before me I'm sadly towards the back of that queue. It's certainly reassuring to know that the pool has emptied a little bit and, fingers crossed, I'll be assigned to a course soon. 

At L3 it seems easyJet type-ratings are allocated to fill the spare gaps / shortfall among the easyJet Integrated ATPL courses. Having asked recently there is a chance one or two gaps may be available throughout December, but failing that it could well be January. As January is only 2 months prior to me needing to revalidate my Instrument Rating, I'll need to forward plan and get a revalidation booked in should I have not heard something before the New Year. For those of you who asked about the costs of re-validations, I am told FTA in Brighton can do a simulator Instrument Rating re-validations for around £650 give or take tax. So in that sense it's reassuring to know it's not going to cost me a fortune to arrange if it came to it. With any luck it won't be needed, but it's always in the back of my mind. 

So there you have it. It's a shame there's not much else to share at this point, but with many of you asking I felt it made sense to share it with you all. I'll certainly be back to post something when I eventually get a date. I'm truly hoping it is in December as that'd be an awesome Christmas present, but failing that January. A type rating start in January would probably see my first passenger flights be around my 25th Birthday.

Impulsively booking Rome...

Talking of 25th Birthday... I've recently, rather impulsively, booked a trip to Rome with my other half. easyJet had a seat sale so I thought, why not! 

If you've ever been before and can recommend things to go and see beyond the obvious that would be amazing! 


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