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Week 25: Module Three Mocks

08 February 2017

That time again already...


It only seems like yesterday I was enjoying mince pies all to myself as I spent many evenings in CTC in preparation for exams in module two, but here we are again! With Christmas now all but a distant memory, how can we possibly be in February already? Nevertheless, the mock exams reared their ugly heads and my stress levels were certainly on the up!

I have to admit, I haven't quite got on with many of the topics in this module. Don't get me wrong, they're interesting and I now look at the BBC weather report in a very different way but there's just fact overload. Nothing more, nothing less. There's not much physical workings out required, just simply storing numbers, facts and procedures in your noggin' - something I'm quite good at given time, a luxury you're not always afforded as an integrated cadet. 

With many evenings spent in CTC, I'm actually so happy with the final result. The meteorology mock did seem deceivingly simple compared to those I'd taken on the question banks previously and the opposite could be said of Aircraft General Knowledge! It was horrible. Despite my strong scores to date, I'm by no means the highest performer in the group and you know the paper was a tough one when even they were talking about it.

My mock scores were:

  • Meteorology: 84%
  • Operations: 82%
  • VFR Communications: 91%
  • Aircraft General Knowledge: 74%
  • Air Law: 84%
  • IFR Communications: 96%

As I scored above 70% in all of the mocks, I don't have to resit any of them - which is a relief. However, with Aircraft General Knowledge at 74%, I've not actually met the CAA standard so still have my work cut out for me across all of these exams in the coming week if I'm going to fly out to Arizona on time! Many more long days at CTC now lay ahead of me. I can almost feel the Arizona sun now, it's so close!

Totally taken aback by the following this blog has...BlogViewsJan

Earlier in the week I received my blogs monthly viewings from Google and I have to say I was stunned. How could a blog I'd initially penned for my family and friends with the odd miscellaneous post here and there grow to receive such views in one month! I'm so thankful to all of you who take the time to read, comment and contribute to the content on here. My blog is a chance for me to take a break from the manic life of an Integrated Trainee Pilot, especially during Ground School, -and some of your comments have been so kind. So, whether you're going forward for selection or perhaps joining CTC shortly, as a couple of you I've since met have now done, I wish all of you the best of luck in your own journey! 

Or, perhaps you're reading with no intent of joining to become a pilot but find the journey of a trainee interesting, then I thank you too!

Until next time,

All the best,


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