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How much are airline pilots paid?

12 November 2019

This post was written for informational purposes only. Given the nature of this blogs target audience - aspiring pilots - this content is designed to provide context to the way in which pilots are paid in the United Kingdom. I accept no responsibility for any changes or inaccuracy in the content after the date in which it was published.


Corr.. cheeky!

The simplest answer to your question is as reasonably as you might expect an airline pilot to be paid given my level of experience. Considering I've only been flying commercially for 8 months, I'm not earning the big big bucks that the media might have you believe. Nevertheless, the days of new pilots being agency workers are long gone which means it's certainly enough for me to repay my training debts, afford to rent a 2 bedroom flat with a Bristol postcode on my own, pay all of my bills and still being left with money for myself at the end of it all. 

That doesn't answer your question though, right? Thought not. 

To help you understand the complexities of pilot pay I thought I'd explain the basis of how most airline pilots are paid in the UK. This will be much more valuable for you instead of simply giving you an exact salary figure - which even if I wanted to give you I couldn't for contractual reasons. Even with such an explanation it's key for you to understand that there's not a blanket figure. For example, a Captain at a short-haul airline may be on less money than a Long-Haul pilot. A night-time Cargo pilot may be on even more money on top of that! The variety in numeration packages is quite vast.

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