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Goodbye Liverpool, Hello Bristol

06 August 2019

A bit of radio silence...

new base bristol cover

Hey there, I hope you're well? It's been a little while hasn't it!

I'm very aware that I made a promise to you all that there would be some more content coming out, and there will be, it's just that the past few weeks have been incredibly manic. Not only is the airlines' summer schedule now in full swing, I've also been rather occupied with my base move. I've had to hunt for a flat and move all my belongings down to South in the free time I've had available. However, at the time of writing I'm now closer to home and flying out of my home airport: Bristol. 

I hope I can speak for most pilots when I say that being based at the airport you want to be based at makes the job that all the more easier or rewarding. Everyone has their own reason for this as some have a partner and kids etc nearby, but for me it's simply being able to fly from the airport we always used to fly from as kids and the one in which I worked as a dispatcher from too.

In the short-time I've been here I can say Bristol Airport has a totally different dynamic to Liverpool. It's much bigger for a start with 10 more aircraft based here and that's just one airline! Bristol has aircraft based here by easyJet, Ryanair, Thomas Cook and TUI and sees services come in from other carriers too so it's a much busier atmosphere for sure! The route network is also much larger meaning that in my first week I flew destinations I'd not been to before. While I don't get to spend any time down route, it's still nice to see new parts of the world. Our planet is beautiful and it's a true gift to be able to see it at altitude. 

Liverpool Stats...

Some of you ask me for the stats, so here you are:

First Day In Base 27/03/2019
Last Day In Base 28/07/2019
A/C Flown 32
Most Flown Type Airbus A320 (69 flights)
Least Flown Type Airbus A320 Neo (4 flights)
Most Flown Reg G-EZTY (A320)
Shortest Flight Isle of Man (33 minutes)
Longest Flight Larnaca (5 hours, 47 minutes)
Total Sectors (Flights)  136
Total Airbus Hours 270
Favourite Destination Nice, France. (Beautiful approach)
Most Visited Destinations

Belfast Aldergrove (14 times)
Palma De Mallorca (10 times)

What's next...

That's it for this rather short post but I thought i'd chuck out a quick update on my career so far for you. It's certainly been busy and I can say with confidence that flying was the right career path for me. I've a busy few weeks coming up with August's roster seeing me fly ~90 hours. I'm flying to Tenerife in a few weeks too which will be quite an exciting one to tick off as it's where our family used to go on holiday. It'll be a shame I can't get off to go and sit around the pool, but that's the nature of the job sadly. 

I have part-drafted my next blog post; which I was hoping to be out before this one; but it's a detailed one so it's taken a bit of time to think out and the house move etc has taken me away from being able to finish it. With luck I'll have that one done in the next week so look out for it! 

If you happen to be flying on your holidays out of Bristol in the coming weeks then let me know. You never know, I could be at the pointy end! 

Until next time,


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