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L3 CTS Performance Protection

03 August 2016

2019: Performance Protection has changed!

In early 2019, L3 Airline Academy changed it's performance protection offering. It has changed criteria and added further limitations to it; namely the removal of a full refund (minus £5k) should you continually fall short of standard. Performance Protection is now known as the L3 "Training Standard".

For more information refer to L3's own website.

The old Performance Protection details remain below for reference.

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When setting out on my search for a flying school one thing became immediately obvious: they certainly aren't cheap. Some charge £50,000 and others charge over £100,000 but regardless of the school you choose it's an incredible amount of money particularly when you're taking out a pilot training mortgage in order to fund it. One of the many benefits CTC Aviation offered put it above many of the other schools (in my opinion) and it's called Performance Protection.

What is Performance Protection?

After viewing the CTC Aviation website, having discussions with CTC Aviation and reading the details given to me post-selection, the payment of the 'security bond' associated with the training ensures that the cadet will be offered any of the following if required, without additional fees:

  • Additional Training - ground and flight
  • Additional Testing - ground school examinations and flight tests; and
  • All UK CAA regulatory charges (initial and retest) for ground examinations and flight skills test

These benefits said to me that CTC Aviation are dedicated to seeing those that pass selection go on to reach their goal of becoming an airline pilot. Above all of that however is the fact that CTC Aviation regularly review training progress and should, at any point, they deem a cadet falls below the standard required to be an airline pilot they will cease training and provide a full refund of any fees paid for training and testing services less a deductible of £5,000. That usually is a last resort mind you!

You could therefore consider Performance Protection as an unofficial insurance policy with the £5,000 being the excess. Of course, CTC Aviation's paperwork highlights this is only offered where a cadet shows complete dedication to the end-goal so it's not your free pass to simply slack but regardless of that I feel totally comfortable that CTC Aviation would be there to support me should I ever need it.

If you have any questions about this then don't hesitate to contact me using the form below although CTC Aviation's Careers Advice team were always the ones best placed to answer any questions I had about this offer so maybe give them a ring too!

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