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Bournemouth Accommodation

22 December 2017

At the time of my training accomodation was inclusive in the training fee of £93,800. However, since the CTC Aviation / L3 merger and subsequent L3 / Harris merger, this is no longer the case. At the time of writing this note, the base Integrated ATPL fee is £89,000 with optional accomodation billed at £200 per week. The style of accomodation offered is similar to that mentioned in the Liberty Quays blog post.

A real variety...

The accommodation allocated to cadets for the Bournemouth phase of training really does vary and, in a similar way to Southampton, is typical of housing you'd expect to rent during time as a university student. Some of my peers share large numerous bedroom properties as much as 10 whereas others, myself included, are housed in smaller houses or flats sharing with as few as two other trainees. Which property you're allocated depends on the availability in the housing market at the time which sadly has meant that some trainees have a longer commute than others. Unlike New Zealand though where a purpose built facility makes sense, most of the Bournemouth housing is leased from private landlords and therefore you should expect differing levels of finish. Thankfully, I've been quite fortunate in that regard although headroom is quite limited in my bedroom compared with that of others.

Some photos...

bournemouthaccommodation front

* Front of the building for access to flats 1, 2, 7 and 8. Plenty of parking spaces. *

bournemouthaccommodation rear

* Rear of the building for access to flats 3, 4 and 5 with additional parking. *

bournemouthaccommodation garage

* Garage flat conversion adjacent to the rear of the building. *

bournemouthhouse kitchen

* Nicely done kitchen in my flat. (Flat 8).  *

bournemouthhouse lounge

* The kitchen is open plan with the lounge space *

bournemouthhouse bathroom

* Shared Bathroom *

bournemouthhouse bed1

* My Bedroom. On the small side, but it's only for a few weeks. *

bournemouthhouse bed2

* Another view of the bedroom. Limited headroom mind you! *

Q: How long is my commute to the training centre?

From here the training centre is about 6 miles away. In good traffic you can easily complete the journey in as little as 15 minutes as it's simply a trip up the dual carriageway. On other days though you won't be so lucky and my flatmates have told me to expect at least 30 minutes in the car if you're trying to get anywhere during rush hour. Who doesn't love traffic! :-(

Q: What facilities are nearby?

Most Bournemouth accommodation i've seen is within easy reach of a supermarket. There's quite a large ASDA near most of my CP149 coursemates but my specific flat is within easy reach of ALDI, a TESCO Express which happens to be opposite the ALDI, as well as other budget supermarket LIDL and the larger ASDA. The town centre is roughly a 20-30 minute walk from here. You can drive it if you like, but finding parking can be a faff and the roads also take you all the way around the outside of the pedestrianised bit. 

Q: What have you been provided with in the accommodation?

As was typical of Southampton accommodation I was provided with all the essentials to live. The accommodation is furnished and L3 provided all bedding and towels, although I'll probably end up bringing my own bedding when I return after Christmas as it'll make things more homely. We've a washing machine, drier, iron, ironing board, all kitchen utensils / pans / cutlery etc and for the internet there's also BT WiFi provided. In other words, all you really need to bring with you would be your uniform and other clothing. You'd alos need to take a trip to the supermarket too as while we can dream, the accommodation is all self-catered.

Any other questions...

If you have any other questions about accommodation in Bournemouth then just leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

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