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Line Training Passed!

22 May 2019

What a relief...

line training ground photo

* Photo taken on the ground in Liverpool *

It's been about two months since my last flying related blog post and today I'm incredibly happy to say I return with some great news. On Sunday 12th May I passed my Aircraft Competency Check and just one day later - at the incredibly early time of 03.30am after the late night Palma de Majorca flight - I received the news I passed my Final Line Check. A pass in both of these checks mean I have been released from under the wing of the airlines' training department and am now considered a line-flying First Officer. It's an incredible feeling and turning up to an airport, stepping on board a jet and flying it around Europe still has me pinching myself.

Through this blog post I aim to explain a more about my first few weeks in the job as I've been asked about it by so many.

I've broken this post up into sections. Click/tap on a heading to read more.

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