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Received on 16 March 2018

Just a quick message to say a massive thanks. I have just received my place at L3 (I still can't believe it) and in the lead up to my selection ay I found your blogs very, very helpful! I appreciate it must be a challenge writing about your experiences/giving tips whilst going through the training, so here's a guy giving thanks! You're doing a great thing by helping people out, and are sure preparing me for an intense few years! All the best!

Received on 15 March 2018

Honestly man, this blog you have here is amazing, helping me make decisions that weren't clear at all just by seeing you live it!

Received on 2 March 2018

George, I cannot thank you enough for the time you have taken to help me out. I really appreciate the advice you have given me and I shall definitely use it! Thank you ever so much, it's quite evident to see how you spread your passion with budding aviators like me. Looking forward to your future blog posts! Once again thank you ever so much! All the best for your IR mate! 


Received on 1 March 2018

Hi George, firstly a big congratulations on your progress so far and this website is truly a) inspirational b) informative and c) enjoyable to read! I wish you all the very best for your CPL ME IR test!! (Cardiff's my city so wouldn't mind doing a bit of plane spotting on the day for a CTC DA42!) Good luck!

Received on 27 February 2018

Hey, just wanted to say i've come across your blog and tips for the assessment centre at Dibden. I have mine a wee ktoday and I'm so anxious about it but your blog has really helped calm me down! So thanks!

Received on 24 February 2018

I would like to say what an amazing website you have, it is providing me with a lot of useful information on which to help me grasp what will occur on my assessment day.

Received on 22 February 2018

What an amazing job you have done by creating this site as its extremely helpful!

Received on 1 February 2018

Just to let you know, your blog is like my bible at the minute, the advice is awesome!

Received on 20 January 2018

Hey George! Great Blog! Also thank you for the advise for Sky Test of which I have now purchased. I'll continue to follow your journey and hope to one day be in your shoes! All the best, Liam.

Received on 19 January 2018

Hi George, I've been following your blog for a while, I have to say its very informative and well written. I have just been accepted on to the EZY MPL course on Route 1, the training agreement and conditional offer should be landing on my doormat today! Cheers, Olly.