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I've been looking at your website and instagram pages for ages and they're amazing. Congratulations on easyJet!

Your blog really is helpful and actually makes sense to read and not super confusing.

I just want to say thank you for creating such a useful blog and webpage - it has been of great help to me throughout my application to L3 and also congratulations on securing a job with EasyJet! 

Hi George! I have been following your blog for about 2 years now, thank you for continuing to inspire me on a daily basis!

So happy for you securing easyJet! I am the mum of a soon to be BA Cadet Pilot at L3! I wanted to thank you so much for all of the helpful advice you have given us throughout your journey to the Right Hand Seat. We started reading your blog 18 months ago when daughter initially began her application process. It was a godsend to discover your blog! I don’t think you realise how much help you have provided through your blog and I wanted to thank you personally for all the help you have given me, as a parent of a 19 year old girl embarking on her journey into the flight deck!

George, I trust you had a weekend of well deserved celebrations after getting easyJet!!! I look forward to following your progress as you begin flying for easyJet. It’s safe to say you are truly deserving of a very long and successful flying career!

I watched almost every videos of yours. You inspire me to train to become pilot and I’m preparing myself for study at L3. Don't disappear, please continue blogging. You've helped so many!

Many many congratulations on securing a position with easyJet! I was genuinely delighted when I saw your post pop up on my facebook feed. I'm looking forward to reading about your type rating and future endeavours with the airline, if you have the opportunity to blog about them moving forward. I wanted to extend my sincere gratitude for taking the time and effort to blog about your journey with CTC/L3. Your blog was a key player in me [securing support of family]. I cannot thank you enough.

Just wanted to pass on my congratulations on you securing easyJet! Your blog has helped with my own L3 CTS interview process last year and will probably help again if i ever get to go through the process again. Well done, glad you have found somewhere. I’m Cabin Crew with easyJet at LGW so welcome aboard and maybe see you towards the end of the year if you join us here.

Congratulations George, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your open, honest and inspiring posts and feel I have joined you on every step of your journey, I wish you all the very best for the future and look forward to hearing how you get on.