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Sprinkles Gelato

12 November 2016

CADET LIFE: I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!


So John, Kamyl and I decided to throw in the towel with revision for the evening and head out for some Ice Cream. Yes... I know what you're thinking - Ice cream in the middle of November, are you mad? - and you'd not be far from wrong there as not only was it quite cold outside it was also about 9:30pm. The place is open until almost midnight too and was pretty full. Talk about a sugar rush before bed!

Living where we do in Southampton means we're only a short walk away from perhaps one of the best Gelato places i've ever been to - Sprinkles. Having first paid them a visit with my partner in Brighton I managed to convince the housemates to give them a try and it's safe to say they weren't disappointed. However by looking at the photos below you can probably come to the assumption that we ended up rolling home.


The menu at Sprinkles is just colossal and they serve everything from just simple Ice Cream, to flavoured Gelato, home made Waffles, Cookie Dough and more so it's just as well I don't work there as I could certainly see myself piling on the pounds! When it came to ordering I spent so long choosing that my housemates orders were already at the table and in the end I went for the same as John (second photo above). The explosion of different flavours was great, but it was certainly a pricey treat at around £7.50. Either wayit was nice to get out of the house for a bit before continuing with revision.

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